About Seta Hagopian

Born in Basra, Iraq, to a family of Christian Iraqi Armenians. Her father was a tennis player who represented Iraq in numerous tournaments. Soon after Hagopian’s career has begun, she was working with the most prominent composers such as Tariq al-Shibli, Farouk Hilal Khammash, Ghassan Rahbani and Ahmed Qasim. Hagopian’s style of music was one of the first to renew Iraqi songs through the introduction of Western instruments along with singing contemporary pop music. She has held concerts across the entire Arab world, including Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar as well as across Europe in Uzbekistan, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria and Spain.

Soon after, Hagopian had left Iraq to settle in the Arab Gulf State of Qatar long before retiring in the midst of the tragic Iran-Iraq war.

She is married to director Emad Bahjat, where they both live together in Qatar. Hagopian is mother to two daughters, Nova and Naire. Nova Emad نوفا عماد is a singer whom currently resides in Canada and is following her mother’s footsteps in renewing the classical Iraqi music by infusing it with new genere’s, like hip hop / Trance and Bossa-Nova. Naire is an editor, Director and a Photographer.